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  1. Marcia Pelton Holliman Reply

    Dear Norma, I don’t know if you were the kind person who let my grandson and I into the church in May 2019. We were visiting for a few days and I was quite taken by the history and beauty of the church, but it was closed. We had been visiting with Dorothy Rand .Anyhow we had a quick look but had to leave. I am returning May14th and 15th and would like to attend services on Sunday May 15th. I saw somewhere there was a 10:00 am service. My two grandsons and I will be picking Dorothy and Stan up for lunch at Lumley Castle before we continue on to Scotland the next day.
    We all come from Texas and I enjoy sharing family history with them. My maiden name is Pelton and I became acquainted with Dorothy when I was researching the Pelton line in Pelton .Unfortunately there is no Pelton line in Pelton. Please let me know if there is a service at 10:00 am Sunday May 15th that we may attend.
    Sincerely, Marcia Pelton Holliman

    • norma hedley Post authorReply

      Thanks for your query. There will be a service in the Parish Church on 15th May at 10.00 am. Our Youth worker is leading and preaching at the service. I won’t be there as I will be at another service in the Parish at the same time and our Rector will be attending a service and baptism at one of our other services. However I am sure you will be made very welcome and the church will be open for a while after the service giving you the chance to have another look around. Norma

  2. Marcia Pelton Holliman Reply

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. Can you tell me about how long the 10:00 am service is. Marcia

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