Small Group Notes



Small Group Notes

Small group notes for Jan 13


Welcome:  Assuming this is your first group session since Christmas, share some of the joys and sorrows of the last few weeks


Worship: sing or listen to Here I am to worship


Word: Isaiah 43: 1-13


1.       What promise did God give to Israel (vv1-4)? What reasons does He give for this?


2.        What would He do for them according to vv 5-7?


3.        What did He call the nations to do (vv 8,9)? How did He describe them in v8? Explain.


4.        How did God describe Himself in vv 10,11? In this context, who are God’s witnesses (cf. v12)?


5.        What had God done for Israel, and what was He going to do? Who had not helped God do this?


6.        Looking at the passage overall and giving as much detail as possible, what does it say about


·         Who God is?

·         What he thinks of us?

·         Why we were created?

·         What we should be doing now?

·         Why we should be confident in our relationship with God?


Witness:  Give  each member of the group some paper and pen.  Have one person read the whole passage again.  Ask each individually to write their own prayer of commitment as to how they will try to take seriously the message of this passage in this new year. This is intended as a private thing not for sharing.

Small group notes for Jan 20


The start of a new series: Highlights in 2 Corinthians


Welcome: what is the most glorious sight that you have seen either on holidays or nearer to home?


Worship: sing or listen to this song: You are holy,holy holy


Word: 2 Corinthians:3.7-18


1.       What is the point Paul makes in 3:7-11 and what is his conclusion (3:12)


2.       Why did Moses originally put a veil over his face? See Exodus 34:33-35


3.       Why does it say here that Moses put a veil over his face (v13)? Why do you think he did this?


4.       Why are we not like Moses? See 3:1-13.


5.       Who is Paul speaking of in 3:14?


6.       Why were their minds hardened? Read Numbers 14:1-24: Hebrews 3:7-4:2; Jude 1:5


7.       From 3:14-16, what does this veil (over the minds and hearts of the Jews) keep them from seeing or understanding?


8.       Review the purpose of the law:a) The letter ______________ (2Cor3:6) by bringing _____________ (2Cor 3:9)b) The Law reveals ________________ (Rom 3:20; Gal 3:21-22)


9.       In what ways is the new covenant superior to the old one?


10.    When did Moses remove his veil (c.f. Numbers 34; 34)? When and how is the veil spoken of in 3:14-16 removed?


11.   What immediate blessing comes to the one who turns to the Lord (v17)? What consequence does God give to the person with the unveiled mind (v18)?



Witness: to think about. Is the process spoken of in 3:18 happening to you? Why, why not?

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